Ethiroli Tiny 16a

A breakthrough concept in Ultrasound technology, the Ethiroli Tiny 16a is a versatile hand carried battery operated, portable color doppler ultrasound scanner
The design of the state of the art instrument was conceived in our development center at Coimbatore, where product quality and reliability was held at the highest standards.


2-5 MHz 64 element 60degree FOV convex array for abdomen and general scanning

5-10 MHz High frequency linear transducer for vascular

5-9 MHz TV transducer

Clinical Images

PWD Kidney

TVS (twin GS)

Cfm Carotic

Arterial Doppler

Report Page


Report pages are instrument generated and include measurements and images.
This increases throughput and reduces clerical errors associated with manual reporting methods.

A machine generated report in PDF format can be found here.

Screen Shots

Ethiroli sports multi document interface. Thus each organ can be scanned in a seperate window and reviewed together. The user interface is very intutive and helps to boost productivity.


System Configuration

System Dimensions

System Weight

Power Supply

Display Dimensions



Imaging Modes

Image Storage




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