About Us

We are a medical devices design and manufacturing company with core competence in medical ultrasound. Surabi was established in Feb 2003 and the first product to roll out was Ethiroli Tiny 16a, which redefined medical ultrasound. Prior to Ethiroli ultrasound was of two types viz. B&W scanners and Colour Dopplers. Industry beleived that entry level scanners with small channel count were incapable of Doppler detection. Hence entry level scanners were only B&W. Ethiroli is the first to provide Doppler as a basic feture of ultrasound. More than 300 units have been installed India wide (Dec 2008) and doctors and patients alike have benefited from this innovation - which is a major breakthrough in price/performance.


We are a fast growing enterprise and our main strength is our technical knowledge. The entire R&D of our products is done in-house. We have the complete know-how and know-why of these goods.
Our technical capabilities are reflected in our products.
Ethiroli for instance involved:
• Digital design with signals switching at greater than 400MHz.
• Design of extremely low noise power supply circuits.
• Design of speed optimised hand assembled firmware for DSP's and microcontrollers to accomplish time critical missions.
• Design of firmware for FPGA with clock speeds as high as 200MHz and stringent timing requirements.
• Design of Win32 device drivers for USB, PCI
• Design of optimised Win32 application with inline assembly.
Thus we possess many of the intricate skills in hardware, software for complete product developement.

Award for best indegenous innovation - 2010

Award presented to our Managing Director Ravi Ganesh by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on 11th May 2010 Presided by Hon'ble Minister of State Science and Technology

Product is being explained to Dr APJ AbdulKalam at the function by marketting team

Our Manufacturing Capacity

We are a NSIC & SSI certified manufacturing house (bearing No. NSIC/CBE/GP/249/2008-09 and 33 012 22 03081). Our facilities include:

PCB Assembly
• Our assembly area is completed with antistatic setup.
• We have Wave Soldering Machine.
• Temperature Controlled baking oven for baking the PCB’s.
• We have Facility of programming of Micro Controller & Facility for testing PCB Assemblies.
• Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine for uniform cleaning.
• We have Temperature Controlled Soldering Irons.
• Sufficient Storage for Keeping stocks
• Separate Quality Control Department for 100% Inspection.
• Efficient test Engineers. There has been nil rejection of PCB due to manufacturing uncorrectable errors. It is usually 2-5% in the industry based on the level of design expertise the manufacturer has on the product.
• We have all necessary electronic test equipments ranging from Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Channel Checkers, Logic Analysers, Spectrum Analysers and automated test software for speedy testing of our PCB’s
• We are doing SMD Soldering using Screen Printer & Reflow Oven.

Sheet Metal Assembly Shop
• We have 4 Nos. of WIM MIG Welding Machines • We have complete tools for fabrication of sheet metal parts including Press brake, Shears, Drilling and Tapping Machines.
• We have high precision metrology instruments to manufacture components to 0.1mm tolerances for sheet metal parts
• We have highly skilled mechanical engineers who are capable of delivering start of the art sheet metal components
• We have enough experience in manufacture of elegant designer class as well as intricate mechanical part.
• We are having different type of tools & fixtures to do different types of fabrications efficiently and precicely.
• We have 25 HP Power Capacity.
• We have skilled painters who are capable of giving a aesthetic look to our products. We have complete paint shop will all modern equipments required for a state of the art paint shop.