Research Ultrasound
Research Ultrasound
with individual channel raw data access

for the university undergraduate

for the university undergraduate

We broke the Doppler Divide a decade ago.

We are breaking the Raw Data Access divide now.

Raw data access is no more the prerogative of expensive high end systems confined to IIT’s.

What you can do...

With real time access to individual channel raw RF data you could:



1. Implement your own delay sum beamformer in an external PC



2. You could then process the beamformed data and display the B-mode image in real time on the PC

Full Matrix


3. You could go one step ahead and design and implement your cutting edge full matrix beamformer with your brightest ideas.

Photo Acoustic


4. With the external trigger option, you could use it for your Photo Acoustic Imaging research

The options are endless once you have access to the raw data.



Compact, weighs less than 2 kg


100mm Depth

Aqurie raw data for 100mm depth

1No. of channels16
2Sampling Frequency80MHz
3Receiving depth100mm
4Transducer3.5MHz 16 element phased array
5PC interface Bandwidth20MB/s, USB
6Pulser120Vpp, 5 level pulser
7Transmit Focal laws128 transmit focal laws
8Adjustable ParametersTGC, Transmit pulse frequency, amplitude and no. of pulses.

We provide a sample software with source code to read the data from our dll’s and also control the hardware parameters.


Image of water phantom generated with delay-sum beam former firmware in our raw data platform (for benchmark)


Same image, reconstructed on PC from the 16 channel RF raw data

Our Clientele


IISc, Bangalore

Dept. of Electronics Engg.

"Real world data is tough. You are doing an awesome job. We hope to learn from you"

"Amol, Research Scholar, IISc Bangalore."


IISER, Thiruvananthapuram

School of Physics

"Your hardware sensitivity is good. We are getting nice photo-acoustic response with your system"

"Prof. Suheshkumar Singh, Asst. Professor"

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