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Best Product Award - NDE 2019

NDE Award

Surabi's PAUT is awarded the best indigenous product award in NDE 2019 at Bangalore. The sensitivity to pickup grains and walls in the work piece was impressive to the visitors. The elegant GUI, novel intuitive display and the ease of picking up weld defects have won us the award.

NDE 2019: Thank you for your foot prints

Hardware on display at NDE 2019, Bangalore. On display is our 5MHz 48 element 0.5mm pitch indigenous transducer picking up defects in a 2" double-V mild steel work piece. Apart from weld inspection we have received and are following up enquires on Rail Axle crack inspection, automated thin pipe weld inspection, non-contact immersion inspection of brake shoes...

Screen Shot

The mirrored display is an intuitive and novel way of showing the second skip image. The grey scale display showing the grains and wall encourages the investigator to look at the work piece like a doctor scanning the human body.


System Configuration

  • 48/48 architecture
  • Display Modes: Sector (S Scan), Linear (E Scan) and A Scan
  • Option for encoder and capture and display of 3D data
  • Can display ASME B-Scan, ASME C-Scan from the 3D volume data
  • Can generate 3D scan report
  • 120Vpp Pulser Voltage

System Dimensions

  • Size: 240x200x40 mm
  • Weight : 1.45kg


  • 5MHz 48 element 0.5mm pitch Phased Array with Ceramic wear plate for Mild Steel and Polycarbonate Wedge for Shear Wave scanning

  • 2MHz 48 element 1.0mm pitch Phased Array for Wheel Axle scanning


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