LithoLoc Usc

LithoLoc Usc interfaces Ethiroli Ultrasound to a third pary Lithotripsy (EXTRA CORPOREAL SHOCK WAVE LITHOTRIPTOR) machine.
Using this interface real time stone localisation can be performed. LithoLoc Usc can be supported for both electrohydraulic and electromagnetic lithotriptors.

Electro hydraulic lithotriptors

These lithotriptors support only X-ray (C-arm) for localisation.

The advantages of LithoLoc Usc for these machines are:

Electro magnetic lithotriptors

An interface is currently avaialable for Dornier lithotriptors with Z-arms. Ethiroli can be interfaced to these lithotriptors and used for stone localisation. We have over a 20 clinical installations operating for several years and the results are comparable to the OEM ultrasound shipped with these lithotriptors. For interfacing Ethiroli to Dornier Lithotriptors, contact: Surabi +91 9944934352


A 3 minute demo of LithoLoc on a phantom can be found here