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Battery Operated


80W Woofer

Android App

EchoFina is a non-invasive water level meter designed and manufactured by Surabi to measure static water level in deep borewells using sound waves. EchoFina eliminates the need to lower anything into the borewell to measure water level.

The device is compact, lightweight and extremely convenient to operate

  • The device sends an audio chirp into the borewell.
  • The echo signal is captured and the sent to a paired android smart-phone via BlueTooth.
  • Our WaterDepth App displays the line graph of the received echo, similar to A-scan imaging in medical/NDT ultrasound.
  • From the echo pattern the user deduces the water level in the borewell.
  • The device has been designed to work in borewells upto 2000' deep.
    The device should work in borewells with motor running - thanks to the narrow band filtering algorithms.

    Operational Video


    Measurement Range: 100-2000 feet

    Power: BF22 9V battery

    Dimensions: 18 x 19 x 12 cm (including safety cross bars)

    Weight : 800g

    Android OS: minimum Android 6.0. BlueTooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled phone


    Target price Rs. 7000/- excluding smart phone
    Android app free to download from Amazon App Store
    Warranty - 1 year
    Enquires from early adopters are welcome


    Coimbatore, India
    Phone: +91 9944934 three five two