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Why use it?

Conduct tournaments like a pro.
Wihout live scores, the thrill of the tournament is diminished.
Our live digital score-board makes you update scores point by point from multiple courts on multiple displays. You can display scoreboards in multiple computer monitors at various locations in your club. All this using minimal dedicated hardware (means: you can use your home computer with display, your home router etc.)
Your audience will love the way you conducted the tournament.


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Coimbatore, India
Phone: +91 9944934 three five two
how it works

How it works


running LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP) is the corner stone of this system. Scores are entered by referee(s) on an smart mobile phone connected to a local WiFi network. The data is processed by the RaspberryPi and is immediately updated on all display screens in the club thorough the same WiFi network. Upto six courts are supported.

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Choose a pricing plan that fits your needs.

  • For Techies
  • Skills required:
    Setup RaspberryPi with LAMP,
    WiFi networking etc
  • We Provide:
    Html and PHP files only
  • Email Support during setup
  • $ 100

  • Standard
  • Skills required:
    Setup WiFi network, connect computers,
    fix display monitors
  • We Provide:
    RaspberryPi hardware fully loaded
  • WhatsApp Support during setup
  • $ 400 + shipping

Hardware Components

Comprehensive list of hardware to for the whole setup.


WiFi Router

Mobile Phones

HD Displays

Desktops /
mini computers/
RaspberryPi as Kiosks

Mechanical Mounting Structures

Electric Power